18 July 2009

Staying inside national boundaries to start?

Much thought has been given to the underlying idea of GlobalTAP and some of the most challenging parts of implementation have to do with disseminating technology to new parts of the world, with incompatible banking systems, completely different value systems and which are just far.

As a place to start, a way to launch, does it make more sense to limit ourselves geographically to a country like India which has so many different people creating and using appropriate technology, but who are difficult for each other to reach?

11 July 2009

A new initiative

Dear All,

Welcome to the start of GlobalTAP, an initiative to spread technologies for the alleviation of poverty to parts of the world where they are needed, where people could benefit, and where lives can be improved.

The premise is quite simple - today, there are ideas, products, technologies which exist and which are being used by some of those who stand to benefit from simple technologies like handpumps, nut shellers, microdrip irrigation systems, but do not know about or are not able to access these technologies in their regions.

We want to change that. The road may be long, but I look forward to working with producers and disseminators from around the world and building a new part of the community who is focussed on this aspect.

Our initial work will focus on getting to know people who are currently marketing technologies or those who are producing technologies and understanding what their needs are and how we can link these people together.

So if you know of some interesting piece of technology which could be use to alleviate poverty, or if you are working with people to alleviate poverty, drop me an email, a comment and let's talk about how we can link together with others in the community and expand the reach of technologies for alleviating poverty.

Let's talk.